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About Us

The Church of the Risen Savior is a member of the Evangelical Apostolic Church of North America (EACNA). The members of the Church of the Risen Savior uphold the value & importance of:

Our Vision:

A desire to live out our individual & collective faith in God among our community. We seek to demonstrate God's care for every person in real and practical ways, inviting those we meet to discover a personal relationship with Christ, grow as His disciple, and join us in impacting our community with the knowledge and love of God found only in Christ Jesus.

Our Mission:

Inspiring, Experiencing & Sharing the reality of Christ.

Core Values:

  • Praise & Worship -A life lived and given back in worship of God
  • Liturgical & Sacramental Worship -The value of holy & historical worship
  • Preaching & Teaching Scripture -Biblical teaching from the Word of God
  • Evangelism & Outreach -Sharing the life-changing message of Christ
  • Missions & Missionary Work- Being salt & light wherever God calls
  • The uniqueness of each person- Every person matters to God
  • Diligent pursuit of a personal relationship with Christ- Endeavoring to run the race set before us.
  • The Trinity- God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit as confessed in the Nicene Creed
  • Demonstrating Christ's love & compassion while upholding biblical standards of living -Bearing others burdens & the hope found in God
  • Fellowship -Joining and enjoying the community of Faith

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